Photo Diary.

Last week I met up with my musical partner in crime Bryant-boo and ran around wasting time before I went to inventory. He has been taking a lot more film photographs in the past year and does these little features on Facebook where he posts 'a day with . . ' different friends and such. Here is the pictures he took of the day we spent together.

We made a run to Lush so I could get some new charcoal face-wash!

Then did one song of karaoke each in this bar in union square that was completely dead since it was like 4pm.

They were having bands play in Union Square this day.

He wanted a touristy shot.

Boozin' it up inside of a phone booth, sadly he was solo boozin' because I had to go back to work.

We also hit up Sephora where I got a sample of my favorite Ralph Lauren scent, and put on my favorite Matte Nars Red lip of the things I miss the most about working right next to a Sephora - being able to freshen up my look on my lunch breaks.

In the Union Square subway back to Brooklyn we were solicited by some kid looking for money to help his football team.

Back in Brooklyn posing for photos. The direction he gave me for these shots was pretty funny.

Went to this bar/restaurant near my work where I scarfed down these cheese fries.

I think this shot happened because there was a lot of red.

In the first shot I had spotted one of my co-workers shopping at 'Junk' while we were in here doing these photographs. The second is just me looking sad - hah.

- - - - - - - - -

I really liked how the film made my red hair pop so much more than the digital photos show. I wonder which is more accurate now?


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