Hey guys!

So obviously this blog is going through some shit. I am planning on moving out of the place I am living in about a month to finally do something I have wanted to do since I was 16 years old! Live with my little asian girl, aka my wifey, also known as my best friend Anastasia. She recently moved back to the states from London and wants to move up to lil ole NYC and be roomies with me! I am super stoked, and have been trying between working and commuting loads to search for a place for us to live. You have no idea how happier I will be when I don't have to have an hour commute to get to absolutely anywhere worthwhile anymore, bay ridge is the worst!

So with all of this newness going on the blog is sadly to say going to be a bit neglected. I will try to get on to post about my going-ons and some pictures and such but it tis a busy time indeed. If anyone in the cities knows of anyone trying to move out and give up their room in brooklyn please shoot me a message, I am mostly using craigslist now but would love any other leads!

Have a great day!


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