My Week in video.

This week was filled with nights where I stayed up till 5am, and was so excited that I couldn't possibly sleep at all [something that never happens to me]. Working on mix-tapes, planning pretty picnics, and turning bathtubs into swimming pools. At some point in there I worked 40hours, and finished the last episodes for Season 4 of Ally McBeal [where my first crush [Robert Downey Jr.] leaves her and I sob into my pillow] and re-watched Borat which led me to singing 'Throw the Jew Down the Well' all day today. I think I sweat-ed most of my body away this week with the incredible heat that is Brooklyn in the summer - to not be confused with any other hot weather index anywhere in the states - it is positively demonic. Most of the week I felt like I forgot to eat because I was so busy with something, which is a change from my mostly feeling like I can never stop filling myself up with some sort of nourishment - albeit lately it has been carrots and hummus non-stop - oh and ice cream! This week was ALL about Mariah Carey for me, I downloaded her greatest hits album after my wifey reminded me of a lip-syncing video we had made in my living room on Easter when we were little ladies, and she just carried me through the week with all her soulful/pop 90s hits. Put up our first 'Shit Yeah Girl!' flyer's at Buffalo and at the 36th st subway in Brooklyn - I have already replaced the buffalo one twice! We have some fun promotions in store for Shit Yeah Girl! as well as some fun/funny new songs to throw your way soon-soon-soon! Been in talks all week with my wifey about moving plans, bunk-beds, creative projects, how radical it will to be doing something we wanted to do years ago, and generally just squealing at each other on the phone every time we talk about stuff together. Re-read 'Love is a Mix tape' this week and fell in love with that book all over again, and now I am in the mode where all I want to do is sit in my new room and write-write-write-write and finish a zine, and start a new one, start practicing Jemibook songs again, and continue working on new songs with Bryant - get back into the swing of things, remember what it is like to cook just for myself again - dancing in my panties in my bedroom blasting music and singing at the top of my lungs, playing dress-up and doing little photo shoots by myself! I am so unbelievable stoked to move this Friday and have a room again, and to live sooooooo much closer to everything and have a train that is reliable and doesn't stop working in the middle of the night. Also this time next week I don't know if I will be able to find some place to do Internet stuff so this might be the last one of these for a bit - forgive me I promise I will be back full-force with stuff once moving gets situated! I love you all [hearts!]

Dear Brooklyn - Let's do it right with the rest of 2011 - I am ready for it all!


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