Make Music Monday

So this past week I was inspired to write this fun little song to send as a present. I started working on it Friday while I was at work, writing it as I was working - singing the parts and quickly going to write them down, getting suggestions from my co-workers and hashing it out before closing that night and heading out to the high line.

I sung it as a present on sunday at the picnic I planned, and also at our Buy Meeting at work - it was Emily's last day [one of the girls who helped me get a few lines right and who was the only other person in the store who would obsess about Lush with me] after the meeting we all sat outside and someone asked me to play a song because they saw my Uke in tow from the picnic so I busted it out and played the song they had helped me with and Emily got some tears in her eyes, which was adorable - I am going to miss working with her!

It's just a little memorial for Williamsburg in all of it's brillance and fuckery.

I can show you the 'burg
Where the Cool kids hang in the park
Feed you cupcakes and cola
as we watch the bikes go by

If you wanna have fun
There's always a party in someone's loft
Weed, cocaine, and PBR
are the trifecta of fun.

A whole new Borough
Where rats and Bed bugs are best friends
I'll take you anywhere with subway fare
The L trains air-conditioned

A Whole new borough
Where hipsters another word for cool
Everyone's in a band
In Vegan Land
Let's explore Williamsburg tonight.


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