Mixes are Love.

After I posted my most recent mix I got excited and decided to compile all of the mixes that I have made in the past year:

Slow Dancing with Your Ghost

This was a mix that was based off a story I came up with about a couple that died together in a car crash back in the 1950s. You can listen to the mix here.

Autumn in Brooklyn

This was one of my more involved packaging. The outer cd-covers looks like above but the track listing was written on tracing paper and then I pressed rose petals into one side and then hand sewed it together to make a little booklet to go inside of the cd-case, so that by the time winter came along the petals would all be dried and dead and remind you that winter is coming. You can download the mix here. It includes a cover of me doing 'Karma Police'.

Jemibook Sampler

I made this as a little sampler of some of my favorite songs that I had made at the time and in the past, so people could have a bit to add to their mp3 players! This mix took me four hours straight to complete - hand-drawing the fonts from the screen is the most tedious part. You can download this mix here.

Brooklyn Snowflakes

A sweet little mix to keep things moving during what can be the dreariest time of the year. This mix is what I listen to while watching snow fall out the window, or if I am in Florida what I roll the windows down and smell that signature 'cold' smell in that is signature to Winter in Florida. Download this mix here.


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