Make Music Monday

For this week's Make Music Monday I figured I would do a little compliation for those new readers who didn't go back 100s of pages just to hear some of the music that I have created for Jemibook in the past year.

Below are a collection of songs I created for Make Music Monday in the past year.

[this track was recorded by a friend, hence why it sounds so clean]

[this track was edited by a different friend, and is still my current fav of my songs]

It's obvious that the last year for me creatively resulted in a lot of very sappy nostalgic and sad songs - or more than usual I should say. Now that I will have a space I am paying for, [albeit shared with my wifey] I will get back to more Jemibook music [although I am satisfied with just doing Shit Yeah Girl! pretty hardcore as well] which will be more representative of how pleased I am with life currently.

And for no reason in particular I leave with this video, made last year when I was in a really happy place as well!


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