Here is a chunk of outfits I have been wearing the past few weeks.

This outfit was inspired by dapper menswear everywhere - and the fact that I don't get to wear these green velvet suspenders enough.

Sometimes I just get tired of wearing my bangs out, plus they need to be trimmed, so I just do this simple look and I am satisfied!

I was happy to finally be able to wear this sheer bodysuit I got from work a few weeks back. I got a compliment from a co-worker that I did 'color-blocking' very well.

I know this picture obviously looks out of whack compared to the others. But this is a full-body-shot of what I wore on Saturday Night. I have done this outfit several times, but it is one of my favorite summer outfits for going out on the town. It is fun/striking and I can stay cool in it.  

This is today's outfit. I love this dress because it reminds me of having picnics and that even though it has only been two weeks since the last one I am already ready for another one please!

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[more and more lips sunglasses please!]


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