My week in video.

So this weeks video is from the past two weeks. Which consisted of having a delicious beverage @ Death & Co in the city [I don't know why I find beverages more elegant with those huge ice-cubes in them, but I do], apple store visits to finally getting the hand-me-down 1st gen iphone working, $5,000 loft views in Manhattan, fell in love with Cults new music video, and had an epic stay-up-till 7am summer hang-out.

But if you were watching the above video and thinking to yourself what the hell is this room/house that I was recording with the pup in it... well there is a reason for it...


yeah, I have just been freaking out a lot. After sharing it with my wifey we decided to take this awesome room in Bushwick - where we get our own 1/2 bath! (which is kind of unheard of in brooklyn/ny?] it is a really great deal for us, and we will be able to save and manage until we can find a place after she gets a job here where we can each have our own room. But we were talking on the phone about how we wanted this since high school, and that I even drew her a map of what our dorm room was going to look like in college.

Needless to say we are both incredibly stoked, and trying to get her up here as soon as possible to take full advantage of the rest of this summer. I am free to move in already [the room-mates are a couple and really chill!] and if any of my new york friends are available on Wednesday to help move some things and just hang out with me in general I would love to see you!

I have been posting all over my facebook and google+ account about how my life is the best it has been in over a year right now. All of the puzzle pieces are fitting in so perfectly and I am not wasting any energy, I am putting it all into celebrating every single one of these amazing summer days.

Shit Yeah Girl! is doing great, we have four new songs under our belt now, and we went out on the town on Saturday night with Ben who has agreed to help produce our latest album and help with our performances. Here are a few pictures of the night :

The rest will be up on Shit Yeah Girl! this week.

As for this week, other than moving some things on wednesday, and going back to work after having this whole weekend off, not too much else going on, until Friday where I am going out to the Highline in Manhattan - I don't know anything about it and have not looked it up online because I want to be surprised when I get there!

The year is half over and I feel like it is just now beginning for me.


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