I wore this last Saturday, I guess I thought I had posted it already but I didn't so you get it a week late. I was really excited about this outfit, all of it except the shoes are from my work.

I did my nails last week to match the above outfit as well!

I found this at my work and kind of fell in love with it, sadly it got put back out and probably sold because I haven't seen it since.

What I wore last Sunday. Everything in this outfit I also got from Buffalo including the shoes but excluding the socks are from Uniqlo.

I believe I wore this outfit on Tuesday for work. It was put together because I knew that it was going to be hot out and I just wanted to be comfortable but it turns out that this outfit is the type of outfit that makes random strangers hit on you on the street. noted.

Somehow I managed to completely forget that I bought this amazing skirt/suspenders piece a month or so ago when I had just started at Buffalo. I was looking through my closet for something to wear to work and then found this and knew that I needed to wear it right away. I paired it with all red accents and headed out for a day of work. Sadly I forgot my umbrella and after a scorching 90 something day it decided to rain most of the rest of the night.

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