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"I like kissing. I'd like to kiss most people. I can't really do that, so instead I'm going to write a zine about it."

I Can't Read Lips Unless They're Touching Mine is my first 24 hour zine. I woke up that day thinking about kissing. Why humans kiss and how they started, my first kiss and my first KISS, when I realized kissing was good and the boys I'd kissed were just bad at it, awkward kisses, kisses I will never forget, who I want to kiss in the future...

I ended up with 24 pages (quarter sized) included musings on all of the above, and also some funny facts about kissing (It's illegal in Indiana for a man with a mustache to "habitually kiss human beings!") and quotations about kissing throughout.

Little Tips: The Take-Along Photography Booklet
Written and Crafted by Dawn Blanchard

Have you ever been out taking photos and wondered how to make your pictures better, but the books are at home? Why not take this one with you? This tiny set of 10 laminated cards is perfect to hook onto your camera bag and have those tips with you everywhere you go: Tips at your fingertips!!

The tips are a compilation of things I’ve learned about photography over the years I’ve been taking pictures, as well as hints I’ve shared with others in the courses I have taught to both adults and children. 

These cards feature:

~ More than 75 great hints for making your pictures better
~Easy-to follow ideas for amateur photographers as well as those with more experience
~Tips are point-form for quick reading
~Includes ideas for the following types of photography: Night, Nature, Action, Close-Up, Landscape, Black & White, Portrait, Still Life, and more Creative Tips
~Cards are laminated to make them long-lasting and durable
~Each card is 2x3.5, with approximately ¼ inch laminated border on each edge
~Cards come with a ring (colours and styles vary) so it can easily be hooked onto your camera bag
~At a weight of only 1 ounce, these cards are an extremely light alternative to carrying a book around with you

Presenting the collaborative cookzine of Laura-Marie of the Dangerous Compassions blog and ButterSword. Within this twenty page booklet lies twenty three delicious vegan recipes, a sprouting guide, and comics and illustrations by ButterSword! That's four delicious breakfasts, eleven tantalizing lunches and dinners, and eight decadent desserts. ButterSword comics and illustrations include never before seen ButterSword art unavailable anywhere else, as well as two full page enhanced comics from the ButterSword comic journals.

All ages friendly, with no adult language, this cookzine is great for any vegan, any friend of yours that's vegan, or anyone who isn't vegan but enjoys delicious food.

From 2003 - 2005 I made a vegan cookzine called The Rabbit Fodder Addict. I still get emails and requests for issues sometimes, so I decided to compile recipes from all three issues, along with some new ones to make the Rabbit Fodder Addict Compendium!

This fat little zine is 47 pages and contains 49 recipes. Recipes include:

White Diamond Cookies
Chickpea Chili
Snowballs from Hell
Sweet Potato and Corn Chowder
Filthy Rice
Poor Girl's Peanut Sauce
Apple Crisp

And many, many more!

This is a reprint of a zine I made back in 2003 called Smoothie Queen. Smoothie Queen is a quarter-size (4.25 x 4.5 inches), 26 page zine jam-packed with smoothie recipes and smoothie making tips. The layout is cut-and-paste with lots of fun, found clipart and random backgrounds. The zine starts with a section on selecting a good blender, ingredients, a generic smoothie recipe, and troubleshooting. Then, it's on to 12 vegan smoothie recipes, which include:

Buzzed Banana Smoothie
None. None So Purple
Cranberry Smoothie
Pumpkin Smoothie
Carob Overload
Rico Smoothie
Like a Chocolate Milkshake, Only Not

And more!

This little zine is packed with inspiration and mini projects to make your next party the ultimate celebration. You can cut and copy your own bunting flags, copy and print invitations, get ideas on how to decorate a party hat, and more! Included is a fold-out sheet of custom print wrapping paper that you can colour copy and use on every present you give.

Each page of this bright, colourful zine contains party crafts that I have hand made specifically for this project. The zine is stapled on the fold and sealed with a paper binding. It comes sealed in a cute little package filled with confetti.

Zine number 5
32 pages
staple bound
1color screen printed cover
hand numbered edition of 40

Lips is fun and artistic alternative to popular magazines that objectify bodies and fail to speak honestly about sex. The pages are filled with artwork, doodles, poems, stories and essays about gender identity and sex submitted by women and sexual minorities living in the South. Each issue also contains carefully researched sex-education material, and local female and LGBTQ health resources.

An infographic zine about UFOs, inspired by scientific journals and looney ufologists alike. Black and white, 48 pages, printed on newsprint.


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