Style Report : Religion

This week I am divulging into a brand I recently discovered about a month ago while I was shopping at the Century 21 next to my house. I was instantly drawn to their unique designs that had a taste of British culture and careless rock 'n roll vibe as well.

"Established in the early 90’s Religion firmly rooted itself to early club culture; when music was chemically inspired and beliefs were publicly expressed on statement tees. Initially developed as a niche t-shirt range, Religion’s blend of anarchic graphics and commercial attributes has pushed the brand to the forefront of the fashion and media spotlight. It’s ‘no fear policy’ of experimenting with design techniques, washes and trends has given the brand its diverse appeal; distressed garments with a rock star edge.

Religion is devoted to the pursuit of individual style; lyrical quotes, musical muses and British heritage has always been a heavy influence behind every collection. Inspiration from London’s east end and international street culture has been integral in shaping the brand’s much loved signature.

Religion’s innovative design strategy has made it a must have for fashion fanatics, creating a huge celebrity following from Agyness Deyn, Girls Aloud, Kate Moss, Paris Hilton and Kylie Minogue. 

In the past Religion has collaborated with Smiley, DC Comics and Warner Bros as well as major clubs and DJs across Europe including Space, Ministry of Sound and Ibiza Rocks."

They have this duality to them, where they can have these feminine looks but still have a bit of a disheveled look to it, which could both be seen at a gallery opening or going to a underground show.

Their prices range from [$60] for the union jack bodysuit at the top [something I tried on yesterday and am pretty much in love with] to the [$200] range for their more involved tailored dresses and jackets.

Religion even gives a nod to early Malcolm McLaren & Vivienne Westwood designs with the skeleton cowboy T-shirt [$68] one of the most controversial pieces in the original UK 'Sex' shop which dates back to the time when well known Punk band 'The Sex Pistols' were inventing a new scene thats style would have its influences on brands like Religion.

Their men's designs have the same Rock 'n Roll feel but they also keep it simple with more utilitrian basics that have unique features that keep them from blending in with every other men's basic. The color pallette's are also kept simple with black being the main thread color of choice and branching out sparingly with a rust or denim blue.

What I really enjoy about this brand is how most of their pieces can seem very 'I don't give a fuck' but also have these eye-catching graphics and features that make you stand out in a crowd. Their designs are very much on trend with the draped barely there t-shirts that have been see mostly in cropped tops lately but seamlessly translate to longer lengths and are easily paired with a denim short or sleek black legging.

If you get a chance to visit the UK I suggest you check out their stores, otherwise you can shop their products online @ ASOS and House of Fraser. Also Century 21 stores carry their products as well if you are in NY.


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