So I haven't done any Style Posts this week because I haven't been wearing anything note-worthy this week, it has been hot-hot so I have just been doing shorts and skirts. I decided to dress up on this day because I had the day off and was going to hang out with my home-boy Kish. We hadn't hung out since I started my new job and he invited me to go see the new Woody Allen flick with him. We met up beforehand at this hot-dog place on Driggs that reminded me of The Weinery in Minneapolis. Although you could get tator-tots covered in whatever you wanted just like @ Sonics so it had a combo of two of my favorite places in one. Woot! We headed over to the Turkey's Nest after that because Kish had never had the pleasure of getting a huge bud in a styrofoam cup and taking it out to the park and walking around so we indulged and sat on a bench and became perplexed at this girl who took her cat to the park? We left to cobble hill after that and were a bit early for the film so we stopped in at this restaurant and got fancy drinks at the bar inside while we waited. We realized when we got into the cinema that this was the first time we had both gone to see a movie while being buzzed and we ended up being surrounded by all really older couples who laughed @ every literary reference that was made in the movie. The movie was enjoyable but not up in the ranks of my favorite woody allen flicks at all. Oh well, I guess it wasn't a week for movies [I saw Bridesmaids on Wednesday and also was unimpressed]. Trader Joe's after that before I headed home for the night.

We also made a pit-stop at my work to pick up some items I had on hold to buy once I finally got my discount.

I found the sailor shirt early in the week and knew it had to be mine, so did some of the other associates i work with, I just needed to find a bottom to correspond correctly with the top. But I ended up with all of these pieces in addition to that. The shorts are from OAK, and fit so amazingly well. I love all of the great finds I get privileged to by working @ Buffalo. 

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: Style Inspiration :

[I want these soooo badly]

[I have been looking for something like this for awhile now]


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