My Week in Video.

So last week was a whirlwind, from going to the cinema not once but twice in the week to see 'Bridesmaids' and then 'Midnight in Paris' to catching up with my home-boy Kish all day Friday, and having Mike visit me from Philly the rest of the weekend long I was exhausted by Sunday night when it came to post this weeks video. Also youtube decided that the song I had picked for the video originally [ Cut Copy's - Strange Nostalgia for the Future] was not allowed so I had to use their 'audio-swap' to pick this random song to go along with it, which isn't as good but whatever I just wanted to get this week out for you. As you can see according to the video all it looks like I did this week was eat, eat and EAT! Which frankly yes I did [I also managed to make it to the gym twice - where I watched NKOTBSB perform together on live television and I was really freaked out and confused]. I had a hankering to listen to Rufus Wainwright [my original ghay musical boyfriend] this week and proceeded to download every single one of his albums to my itunes, which is what dominated my lastfm account this week. Also 'Cults' officially dropped their album last week and I snapped it up quickly [thanks to kish for the linkage!] and have been listening to it non-stop all yesterday night and today. Also this video by Karmin is worth re posting, of them covering Nicki Minaj's - Super Bass. They really manage to cover songs and put their own special spin on it that makes me love it every time!


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