On the Zine Scene!

This is a personal zine (perzine) and is a chronicle of my life around the topic of mail. It is entirely hand-written and illustrated, and includes discussion of having pen pals, working in a mailroom at college, and much more!

This zine is 5.5 x 7.5 inches and 24 pages long, printed in black and white. You can't tell from the photos, but the cover is printed on some lovely security-envelope-looking paper from the French Paper Co. -- fancy! The zine will be mailed to you in a manila envelope

A minizine that is a recipe zine! Nine lovingly illustrated, inexpensive vegan recipes, plus some thoughts and suggestions for eating well on the cheap. Machine-sewn binding, 14 pages, 4.25" x 5.5".

Throw your own spectacularly EASY wine and cheese party with this Ready, Set, Party mini-booklet! This adorable 15 page booklet contains all the essential knowledge you need to confidently pair wine and cheese.

After reading this charming booklet, you will expertly navigate even the most daunting of cheese cases and wine vaults and impress all who know you with your vast knowledge of wine and cheese.

This booklet features original hand-drawn illustrations and witticisms in addition to all this wine and cheese insight. It's conveniently sized at 4.25" x 5.5", making it perfect to stash in a handbag or pocket and tote along to the store. It's card stock cover is bound to the pages via machine stitching for sturdy construction.

What exactly will you find inside?

- Introduction to wine and cheese: Why they love each other
- Handy pairing chart
- 6 planned menus for guaranteed wine and cheese pairing success every time!
- 2 pages of tips to make YOU a wine and cheese party expert
- 7 original and innovative serving ideas that will WOW your guests
- Tasting prompts and terms to kick start conversation at your party

With the Little Wine and Cheese mini-booklet, the perfect wine and cheese party is all planned out for you! Just call some friends, pop over to your local grocery, and get to partying!

After a long year of not making zines, here’s a new issue of Echo! Echo! 48 quarter-sized, text-heavy pages filled with old and new stories about: awkward inebriated shenanigans, writing letters, lousy realism, kissing lessons, past summertimes, and a trip to the zoo during the winter, among lots more~ All covers are blockprinted with purple and fuschia ink (which was super fun to do, lemme tell you).

Echo! Echo! is photocopied black and white, with hand-numbered, hand-stamped covers.

Omitted is a raw and angsty perzine from Philadelphia/Brooklyn. The contents are journal entries from photocopied tiny little notebooks. Some portions are omitted. This issue spans, unchronologically, from 2003 to 2006. Themes in Omitted #1 include trying to find oneself, departing a loved but painful city, romance (or lack thereof), and dealing with being queer. Omitted is a zine by an anonymous author, and is as honest as a zine with no author can possibly be.

The long awaited Fourth Issue, WHO KILLED BAMBI?
Issues 1, 2, and 3 are SOLD OUT - so don't miss your chance to get Number 4 while it's in stock! This issue has 8 more pages of fun for all you crazy kids, including the following features:

✝ Stanton LaVey Arrest Details
✝ Interview with a Satanic Sex Doll
✝ Excerpts from Secret Online Teenage Diaries
✝ Too many XXX rated photos to list


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