Style Report : Converse

So for my very first 'Style Report' I will talk about the shoe we have all probably worn at one point or another in our lives.

We have a good collection of Converse shoes at the store I work out, and most recently it was pointed out to me about the different kinds of converse, and prices. Of course we all know there are different kinds of converse, most well known are of course the hi-tops or low-tops that were huge when I was in high school.

But one of the things that was brought to my attention was the difference between 'Converse one star' vs 'Converse All Star'. Converse one star was exclusively made for a deal with target, and is a cheaper version of the original all star, it's price-point is a lower $20-$30 range, compared to the usual $40-$60 range you usually find All Stars at.

Although Converse is known for it's famous 'All-Star' shoe thanks to popularity from early in its inception in the NBA, the company did file for Bankruptcy in 2001 [when we all thought that converse were going to be gone forever so we were snatching them up like hot-cakes] but was saved from going under and then later in 2003 bought out by Nike. Since 2003 the brand has been up to great things re-vamping old styles with new prints and styling, and pulling out new designs completely.

A quick look on the converse website shows a multitude of designs that are on spot with current trends but definitely representing for the converse brand.

Here is Converse teamed up with Marimekko for a bright punchy look that reminds me of the tribal prints that you have been big for the past year or so. [$75-$80]

The Americana trend that has been popping up everywhere from flag t-shirts to torn jean shorts is not missed by Converse. [$55-$80]

From their take on the thong sandal [$40] that has been seen everywhere to a slimming down of their all-stars with the 'slim' [$50] or 'light' [$42-$65] shoes to a summer perfect Boat Shoe [$70-$80] re-design of their Jack Purcell shoe converse is on top of all avenues of this years trends. Even if you are not into fashion these options are not too out-there or insane to not be able to wear in coming seasons.

If you had any doubt to not get your Converse on this year, then this picture of one of my favorite singer/song-writers 'Emily Haines' sporting the new All Star Light [a shoe I have been coveting for months now, (I loveeeeee the slimmed down sole soo much] shoe should give you that extra boost!


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