If there were any two outfits that were complete opposites, these are from yesterday and today.

I wore this outfit to work yesterday, it was inspired by the beautiful weather we were having, and the fact that I pulled out all of my spring/summer dresses the other day. I have had this dress since high school, and I never tire of it. It will get a lot of play this year like every other year!

So I woke up at 8am today on my day off and headed off to the gym. While I was working out I flipped the channel on the TV and saw that Lady Gaga was performing in central park today so I watched. She performed Judas and they showed some of the audience and I saw some kids dressed in this look from the music video. I am kind of obsessed with that music video and song currently so I decided that I would try to recreate the look a bit for my outfit today. The hair was pretty simple but the outfit I had to work at. I managed to use my American apparel bodysuit that I got last week at work so I was excited about that. I am hoping that this level of nakedness will keep me pretty cool when I am out on the town today!

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