My Week in Video.

Life on WARP-speed over here in Jemibook land, seriously. Next week is going to be more tame, and I plan on catching up on a lot of things that have been just getting passed on. So the usually fun stuff of work, and meetings for most of the week. I was ill on Monday and tried to make up for it the rest of the week by being a bit more out there with my ensembles for work than I have been. Which if you missed the looks from this week you can peep them over on my lookbook or flickr. Tried to practice at least 20 minutes each day before running off to work each day, doing a cover or something which I will share for this coming week's "Make Music Monday" - I have been craving playing music but have not had the time! [ugh, I am actually getting annoyed at saying that all the time now]. I noticed my outfits folder on flickr was getting mighty close to 400 outfits and got excited that I would celebrate my 400th outfit photo over here on the blog, so I decided to clean it up and make sure there weren't any duplicates or up-close detail shots, so that it was strictly going to be 400 different outfits and after I cleaned it up, it turned out to only be 329 outfits [boo!] so I still have a ways to go to 400. Maybe by the end of this year? Listened to Lady Gaga's new album a lot this week. Decided that of course I love 'Judas' but I also am vibing on 'Americano' and probably 'Fashion of Love' (strictly because it reminds me of 90s Whitney Houston or something equally as great). Got re-obsessed with Regina Spektor after I realized I didn't have 'Soviet Kitsch' on my computer and I was jonsin' for 'Chemo Limo' among pretty much ever single track on the album just inspires me musically so much. Also I found out that one of my childhood/high school bands that I obsessed about the Rx Bandits announced they are doing their last tour, I was a bit bummed to find this out, even though I haven't been keeping up with them. Matt Embree's voice kind of changed my life when I was 18 and sitting in my room with my headphones on getting high pretty much everyday - I swear he pierced into my soul then. [hah] Either way a part of me will always love him and that band, I mean I went to see them 3 or 4 times whenever they came to Orlando - which to me is kind of ridiculous because I hardly ever go to shows. Took the subway a few times this week and was pretty proud of myself. I am just really miffed that gas is up to $4.50 and that plus parking is a bitch in bay-ridge and traffic on the bqe has been quite intolerable just makes me not want to drive at all, sometimes I still wish we lived in that tiny little apartment for things like being close and not having to deal with the traffic. At work I had some training and it made me realize how much I have to learn about the industry and labels and such. I realized how much I didn't know and it made me want to step my game up more, so I decided to fill in Thursday's with this new sort of work-related research/project that you will see this week - and I hope you will find interesting. Got a bit sun-burned today being outside the entire day practically finishing 'The Time Traveler's Wife' which I got months ago and haven't been able to sit down with until today really - nommed on some good williamsburg fare and just chilled until work, but it was nice. Also the ice-cream in this week's video was given to me for free by this guy delivering ice-cream in this huge truck - he hollah'ed at me 'hey girl you are fine you want some ice-cream' so I hesitated and then said hell yes took my ice cream and went on my way - only in new york.


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