On the Zine Scene!

whereas issue four is the falling apart, issue five is the putting back together. it recounts the steps as i rebuilt - but of course i pause to muse on things like how i feel about corporate development and womanhood.

through a succession of moves and traumas i managed to eek out five issues of btp; i put it to rest after moving to nyc, but have by no means given up writing, zining, collage, or the cut-and-paste method.

Collection of over 8 years of dreams by Jubadaba. 
Perfect reading before bed! 

Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches, 30 pages.

This is a delicious little quarter sized zine, back and white on 12 soft-violet pages (which are easier on the eyes than white). It has lots of interesting visual elements, really packing an old skool cut-and-paste 'punch'. Features several articles in legible, handwritten print. The focus of this issue is diy art journaling. A guide written specifically for those getting started, by an art ed student. Lots of inspiration for the experienced artist as well! Includes diagrams.

*list of useful supplies and explanation
*how to make a journal or pick one out
*finding inspiration and holding on to it
*notes on graphic design AND self expression
*Simple how-to-article on preparing your pages
*where to look for more info

8.5" x 11", 9 page comic zine by Claire Folkman. The tale of my real "romance." For mature readers.

I drew all of Oprah's Favorite Things 2010 edition.

3”x3”, black and white insides, 30 pages, full color screaming lady endpages. Arrives in an archival envelope, sealed with a drawing of the “World’s Best” macaroni and cheese. Edition of 50.

The sequel-of-sorts to thank you, mr gondry.

The gist:
-bound with twine
-1/4 sized
-24 pages
-kraft paper cover laser-printed
-photocopied guts
-22 pieces of strange, prose-like writing that is not poetry

The title also is a nod to my favourite film director, Michel Gondry (The Science of Sleep, Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind), and his surrealist elements in his films which I've been inspired by.

This one is more autobiographical, perhaps more realist as well.

a guide to constellations that's even more than that! featuring your daily horoscope & a fun creative little game in the end! 

14 pages printed on xerox machine. assembled with love

A double poster set to adorn your favourite wall.

A collection of wise and witty statements are colourfully illustrated in fancy type in this pack of two A4 posters.


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