Okay this is going to be another massive style post because I was too busy to make one yesterday, so you get three outfits!

Look #1 was from Tuesday Night. I went out for video games with my home-dog Kish and we saw the cutest ewok dog ever that I wanted to steal the entire night. This outfit was inspired by ghetto-fabulous wear and wearing this intense necklace that my friend Rosaly sent me in a box of goodies.

Look #2 Excuse my horrible camera phone pictures, and the fact that I look so greasy. I did not. This was yesterday during the day I went job shopping, and got an interview for this Friday and next Monday! Here is hoping that I get a job at either of those places, if I do there will be a ton more of these style posts [hope they don't annoy you!]. The second picture had this new over-coat that I got as a hand-me-down from Brit Brit after I helped her clean her closet out this past weekend. It is very pretty!

Here is what I picked up from Buffalo Exchange yesterday when I traded in some more clothes. Anyone who has ever worked with me @ Macy's, or known me personally knows that the fact that I bought 3 pairs of pants is HUGE. But I needed them for my new style direction, and I have been having a hard time finding jeans that fit. But all three of these fit really well so I had to get them.

Look #3 [after I took these photographs I cleaned the living room, it was a hot mess-whoops] This look was taken with my NEW CAMERA!!! woo hoo. When I went to go take these photographs and set the self-timer option I discovered that my camera has a custom setting!!!!! Okay I freaked out a lot because I have never found a camera with a custom-self-timer option. So I can set it to whatever time I want and I can also set it to take multiple shots at the same time, which was how I was able to do three different poses instead of having to back to the camera and do one shot at a time and set it up every time. This camera was made for me! ANNNNNNNyways. This outfit is all about my new jeans. They fit amazingly well, I am really pleased. I decided to pin up my bangs for the first time since cutting them, and did a messy bouffant deal, and used a really long necklace I had as a sort of industrial/bohemian head-band. The Necklace is from my senior Prom, and the belt was when I went dressed up as Amy Winehouse for Halloween a few years back. Today is the nicest day for the next two weeks so I have to get out of the house after this, for sure!

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[I really need some nude lipstick]


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