On the Zine Scene!

It's my favorite day of the week. New zines to lust over!

This is my self-therapy zine. It's a way to get my thoughts and anxieties out through art. It's a must have for any woman with body-image issues, etc. Topics include my parents, grocery shopping, binge eating, meditation, aroma therapy, etc.

Facebook has introduced us to a whole new frontier of social awkwardness. This 16-page, fully-illustrated zine explores this strange phenomenon with wit and wisdom.

ghost, fifth printing
Compiling true ghost stories in 1/4-page format
44 pages (2 oz.)

Excerpt: Marilyn would hear Aiden laughing hysterically in the next room, then babble in his baby talk and play around with his toys. She'd walk in to check on him, and he'd look at her, grin happily, and say, "Little girl! Little girl!" and point to where nothing was sitting next to him.

[But sometimes,] Marilyn would see the little long-haired girl running around out of the corner of her eye, dressed in an old-style dress. Even though she told me she was friendly, she told me she sometimes get very scared in her own home, running down the hall into her bedroom when she was alone. Before the first time I ever visited, I told her how excited I was at the prospect of seeing her. Marilyn replied, "If you want to see her, she'll let you."

'A Map that Interrupts Itself' is a zine which was made to coincide with an exhibition I had in 2010 titled 'Another window with a different view'. It contains a few of the collages and text/image juxtapositions I used in that work, most of which utilised material appropriated from children's reference books about archaeology, growing up and the history of flight. The zine also contains a very short story about remembering a book I used to love as a child.

The exhibition 'Another window...' explored ideas of nostalgia, how we imagine the future as a child and how we remember those imagined futures as adults. The zine was a free gift for everyone who came to the show, but I have a few copies left, hence this listing!

24 pages, A5 (approx US half letter size). The covers of this zine are copied onto folded out envelopes in office 'gold' (dark yellow) or off-white/ivory. The inside pages are on regular office paper.

Ever wondered how people make music on the Gameboy? Ever wanted to do it yourself? Then this instructional zine is perfect for you! Written specifically for people with absolutely no experience with chip music, trackers, LSDJ, electronic music, programming, etc., this zine starts at the very beginning and takes you all the way up to creating interesting instruments and writing your own songs. A lot of the common “tricks” that Gameboy composers use are discussed. The zine also includes a great list of resources so you can further explore Gameboy music after you’ve finished the zine.

Here’s a list of chapters -

1. Buying a Gameboy
2. Buying LSDJ
3. Buying a Cartridge
4. Putting LSDJ on Your Cartridge
5. Navigation
6. The Project Screen
7. The Song Screen
8. The Chain Screen
9. The Phrase Screen
10. The Instrument Screen
11. The Synth Screen
12. Commands
13. Tables
14. Basic Drums
15. Arps
16. Leads
17. Bass

The zine also has bonus sections on understanding hexadecimal numbers, additional resources, and recommended listening. If you were ever interesting in making Gameboy music or just learning about how your favorite chiptune bands make their songs, this zine is for you.

A step by step instruction manual on making your face cream out of natural ingredients!
by Arin Ingraham

This zine is about trying to make ends meet&fit, figuring out my loves and passions and a way to exist on them. It is about finally embracing myself as an artist and creative person. It is about getting over the fact that maybe, just maybe I’m not seventeen and I’ll never be seventeen again. Includes questions about city life, demons, youth and the birth of inspiration, 5 lucid dreams, along with documentation on a personal social experiment. All in all, I’m just a 20-year-old film student who is about to graduate, trying to find a new place in the world as a ‘college graduate adult.’ These are my attempts to document my last year of college. They are writings from March 2009 to August 2010.

64 Pages
1/4 Sized

It was a wild and crazy time in my life when I lived with anarchist clowns. The nights were filled with party crashing and naked debauchery. There were dumpstered midnight feasts in illicit hot tubs and punk rock bowling. We were all gainfully unemployed, riding the rails up and down the West Coast drinking Hot Damn! and Wild Irish Rose. Fortune later brought me to Morocco where Mr. Tugboat and I were duped by scammers and had to flee to the open arms of New York City. 

38 pages 5.5 x 8.5 b&w photocopied


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