Saturday is for. . .

Loose ends. . Here are a few random things that have been going on in the past couple of days.

Made some yummy foods [ Vegan Pesto Pizza ] and [ Vegan Eggs Benedict ]

I got goodies from the contest I won over on Donna Wilson's blog.
I knew I was getting the pillow but not the super cute canvas bag, I had been lusting over all the cute ones I had been seeing around town and on etsy lately!

My camera continues to make me happy, happy, happy! I am able to take macro pictures again. So I can give you guys up close shots of my nail designs! Excited! I have done this V Design for the past two weeks, that is how much I have been loving it. But I did a gold glitter accent finger this time.

I got a late Birthday present from my home-boy Kish yesterday. I was so surprised to get this. I had posted about it on my blog way back in March on my etsy favorites and he remembered and got it for me! It came all the way from finland from this lovely seller!

Target never dissapoints with cute cheap panties. I never go to Target anymore, because the ones in New York suck hardcore. But we had to go to pick up something for the bathroom and these tempted me in the aisle and I had to get them. The Pink ones were bought through peer pressure from Brit Brit who said I had to get them to match my new camera. But once I got them home I realized I kind of like this shade anyways.


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