Etsy Favorites!

This week's 'Etsy Favorites' is in celebration of the fact that I finally was able to get my own digital camera again! [I had been lugging around my friend's huge DSLR for the past 9months and really wanted something that would shoot in HD and be small] I finally found The Canon Powershot SD1400 IS to answer my prayers, and for a killer price @ Best Buy! I did a little vote around the Internet to if I should get black or pink, and surprisingly Pink won out. I don't really have anything in Pink anymore, I am much more red Red RED kind of lady, but that was sadly not one of the options. I think I liked how obnoxious this pink will be when I pull it out to take all of the videos around town for 'My Week in Video' shots. Also now, no more whining about picture quality using my camera on my phone for outfit shots! I am so excited that I needed a cute case for it, here are some I am deciding from:

[I really like this one's simple sturdy design, and the print is pretty lovely as well]

[This is so kitschy and that is what I love about it, I started designing these for my ebay business way back in my Chicago days before I moved away]

[I really like old film camera's, and I think it would be cute to take my digital camera out of something like this]

[How adorable is this! I don't know if it is thick enough for me to be able to put it into my purse, but I really love it.]

[From the same seller as above, but the silver fabric adds a different dimension to it.]

[Now this is too perfect, this seller has a ton of cute little cases similar to this that are all equally as adorable.]


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