So I wore this outfit yesterday, to go out for drinks @ Trophy Bar. Discovered they were having an open bar for vodka drinks, but decided against it because the night was turning out kind of lame, and I was sad that I had wasted such a great outfit on a lame night. But I did manage to spend the last bit of my money [hooray for being broke ass poor for the next week until Friday-stupid parking tickets!] [count it $6 bux] on my hair-dye, because my roots were getting kind of gross.

I originally was wearing my hair down when I was taking these photographs, but once I peeped at the first picture I knew that my hair needed to be doing something, this outfit needed a little kick to do it properly. I've never worn my hair up in this fashion [my hair has just recently gotten long enough so I guess it makes sense] but it kind of reminded me of Chris Kirkpatrick from 'N sync when he had his pineapple hair.

I would like to think that mine is a bit more chic but maybe not, maybe I am just bringing it for the 2010's.

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