My Week in Video.

According to my LastFm account I listened to Fujiya & Miyagi's "16 Shades of Black and Blue" more than anything this week. Yes I am kind of obsessed, and I love the whole album, especially that song and 'Minestrone', it is worth listening to if you enjoy music with a dark-sexy feel to it. The Smiths continue to dominate my headphones from the other week of downloading every single album. I am still developing my tastes with them, discovering songs that I had heard throughout my life again, and finding some songs are just pretty lame. Got Best Coast's last album 'Crazy for You' for the upcoming summer, 'Boyfriend' is such a riding your bike on a sunny day in the park kind of song. Made the most epic pesto pizza I have ever had. Got my library card, and started checking out raw cookbooks again! Watched this video of this duo covering 'Look @ Me Now' where the girl does an amazing version of Busta Rhymes that I had to watch over and over again, so impressive. Still fighting with Brooklyn College, to figure out what is going on with getting into school in the Fall. Had an epic game of Phase 10 with my room-mates in williamsburg while it rained all day Saturday, and finally started getting to my stack of zines!


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