On the Zine Scene!

Etsy never fails to delight me with the best new zines each week. This is why zinesters have such big collections, because there are so many great subjects and ideas out there to divulge into and you have got to have as many as you possible can.

I need all of these zines!

alright you procrastinators who bore me to death with your empty promises of making your own zine but never actually doing it. all the time and calories burned describing to me how you'd like make something but are always making excuses instead of making art, now you have no reason not to. this kit includes enough paper to make a standard half-sized 16 page zine, 1 pencil touted by consumer reports as the best pencil of the new millenium, and not 1 but 2! standard staples to bind your i'm sure mind-blowing zine. 

if you still have no intention of actually doing anything you can always give this as a gag gift to someone in your life that actually does take time to create something . i hope with the instructions included in the pack you'll be sure to crack a smile on someones face.

get to work.

What happens when cats go to war? Find out in this quirky little zine.

Cat Wars is A6 (105 x 148mm) and printed on copy paper with a colour cover.

An adorable handwritten legacy of vegan dishes I've been making for years, plus loads of new inventions, all in a handy book covered with drawings and helpful tips in the kitchen!

32 recipes, including:

* Raw Rosewater Cheesecake with Chocolate-Orange-Pistachio Crust
* Seitanic Gyoza (gingery potstickers with dipping sauce)
* Poppyseed Quinoa Crunch Salad
* Smoky French-Canadian Style (Habitant) Pea Soup
* Carnival Popcorn Balls
* Aloo Paratha (North Indian Spicy Potato-Filled Flatbread!)
* Chocolate Zucchini Brownies
* loads more

Everything fairly easy, and quick to make, and also totally impressive. Tricky parts diagrammed! Fairies and flying toast included.

Fractals are fascinating!

Benoit Mandelbrot discovered the formula for the Fractal Geometry of Nature - 

In making this zine I learned that a canopy is a series of repeating V's, a snowflake is a repeating triangle, and soap is repeating patterns of circles.

Bonus fractal patterns inside the pages of most zines... In true Mandelbrot spirit, you will get 3 differently sized zines, the most pygmy being an inch.

Math was never more fun or revelatory!

A small zine-book, full of writing and life exercises. 

35 pages.
hand-glued perfect binding with one of various colored paper overlays.
Black toner on white paper.


Great for writers and creative folks! Suggests life awareness appropriate for healing, but general enough so as not to offend anyone. 

Take this little book along with you... it will fit into your pocket, purse, etc. 2 3/4" x 3 1/2"

Three Very Gruesome Love Stories

3 illustrated books based on the true life stories of three murderers. 
Printed on off-white sugar paper.
In a 70gm manilla envelope

All three comics are hand coloured with a hand sewn binding.

issue #2 of my zine about gardening, cooking, and raising chickens. besides writing about the chickens, i also obsess over my new love, a turkey. also includes recipes and kid drawings. this is a limited edition copy with a b&w holga photo on the front (shot and printed by yours truly). images vary and when they're gone, they're gone. 28 pages.

Touring, travelling, friends, moving, it's all in here. Constant awe and amazement of everything. This things been floating around for a bit...in it's third printing! 100 plus pages sewn and bound with thread.


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