Etsy Favorites!

[I am the type of lady who doesn't like to have paper towels in the house, because I think they are so wasteful, so I am always using tea-towels, and wash cloths for messes (when it is my own place) I love tea towels with pretty designs, it almost makes me not want to use them!]

[You can never have too many Jotters, I have three on my table now, and one in my purse]

[I love everything 'Imyourpresent' makes, and she has firmly held the 'best playsuits ever' niche in my heart]

[I found these after watching 'Elizabethtown' for the first time since my original viewing years ago, and this card reminds me of how cute Kirstin Dunst's character is in it]

[This is just adorable]


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