I love Atlanta!

A few years back [2008] I was able to take a road-trip up to Atlanta. I had heard about how it had the same feel as Jacksonville, but a way better music scene, and the city was a lot more built up and had more going on. There were fabulously talented people living there, and they had much greener seasons to Florida's dry-humidity sandy beaches, the food was amazing- as well as just having the options, there were tons of home-grown shops and major labels as well to choose from, parties were great, lots of pubs and dance parties to attend, and my favorite part of it, lots of green lush land [to build my dream garden in that I would share with my future favorite pup]. Also any city that has an Ikea makes my little heart happy.

I had originally considered moving to Atlanta before moving to Minneapolis back in '08 but plans turned out the way they did and I loved my Minneapolis adventure, but I have always held a fondness for Atlanta, I remember the first store that I went into and found zines for sale out on a table like it was no big thing, I freaked out a lot, and knew I would love my weekend stay in this warm city.

It's no big news that I have not particularly liked living here in New York, but I have been trying to make the best of the situation before deciding what I wanted to do, and at one point moving away was very close to happening and my two main places I considered were the west coast [Portland/Seattle] and Atlanta. I have never been to the west coast so I would be weary to jump into moving somewhere I had never visited before, but Atlanta always seemed like a good fit to me.

I've looked into going to school there if my school plans end up not working out here in New York [currently looking at : Clark Atlanta University] and dream about days where I find myself studying out beneath the shade of a tree in a park near school grounds with my shades on and favorite white dress and nibble on grapes and tangerine soda.

Here are some pictures from my trip to Atlanta in '08.

[All Vegan, and sooooo freaking delicious]


[I miss this more than anything, this was the most delicious mousse I have ever had, and this was found at one of their amazing grocery stores in little five points]

Obviously I only care about food and Zines when I go anywhere, so there are no city shots or anything from the drive there, so I scooped these ones up for you from the interwebs.

Have you ever been to Atlanta? If so how do you feel about it? 


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