Since I was unable to post my outfits from this weekend, here is a cluster of all I wore this weekend :

Sorry I don't have better pictures of my birthday outfit. You can see it better in the video of the week post from this week. But I found this lace dress from Buffalo Exchange and paired it with a blue long tank-top from H&M, matching blue tights, and black striped socks, black flats and a cardigan with a Blue hat to top it all off. It was a bit rainy on this day, but I didn't care I wore my sunglasses every-where I am in love with them.

Saturday I was pretty out of it and hungover from the day and night full of debauchery that was my birthday so I went for a very relaxed outfit. Wore a new top I got from Buffalo Exchange with my Unicorn/Pegasus medallion from my wifey. A big slouchy skirt and knee-high striped stockings and these boots that I never wear. The top is really soft, and I like how the grey looks in contrast to my skin-tone and hair color. I also have a secret love-affair with slouchy shirts that fall off girl's shoulders.

This outfit was all about the white t-shirt I picked up on Saturday for $4 at this store Brit Brit showed me in Williamsburg. I love how white pops with my hair-color, it makes me want white t-shirts forever, but especially v-necks because I like how it makes my cleavage look. I covered it up in this look with an old thrifted scarf because it was a bit windy. Matched it with some black leggings, and my faux keds and  blue hat.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We also ended up @ the Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg on Saturday and I thought I could use my voucher from the Park Slope store there but it turned out I couldn't, but I did find 3 really amazing finds that I plan on trading for on Monday with some shoes I won't be wearing anymore, I am excited to share those pieces with you guys and welcome them into my new wardrobe and style direction!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here are some pictures that have been inspiring me style-wise :

[I want this badly!]


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