My week in Video.

My birthday week this year was intense. Ben had been planning an epic party for me for months and was able to fly my wifey and Bryant-boo up to surprise me for my birthday. He went all out, we went to the Sex Museum, had a wine and cheese party, ping-pong drinking game, drinks at a super exclusive pub that has a private entrance through a phone booth, my first 'Pure Food & Wine' experience, dancing @ Beauty Bar and Union Pool - with photobooth pics, and delicious french fry stop-off which a million dipping sauce choices. My Wifey and Bryant-boo both came along with their own surprises and we all had much to much fun. Did a lot of clothes-trading @ the local Beacon's Closet and Buffalo Exchange to jump-start my new wardrobe. Ventured out to the Brooklyn Flea Market for their first time back at the outside entrance for the season, and indulged in delicious foods, music, and pugs. New music I listened to this week : 'The King Khan & BBQ Show's' Invisible Girl album and BenoƮt Pioulard's 'Valley' . Randomly saw 'Birds of America' simply because it had Ginnifer Goodwin in it whom I love love love! And picked up a copy of 'The Time Traveler's Wife' which I had been wanting to read after hearing how much better it was than the film, and I really enjoyed the film [i cried loads], plus I need a break from reading 'The Sexual Criminal' with all of it's graphic 50's murder photography.

Also I wanted to make a shout-out to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday on Friday. I love and miss you all, and wish I could have spent my birthday with you all, simultaneously!

Here is to my 26th year being the most epic one ever!


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