Make Music Monday

This week's 'Make Music Monday' is dedicated to my love for 'Fiona Apple'.

From her first musical debut with 'Criminal' [which came out in my middle school years] I have been addicted to the bitter, hardened, piano driven lyrical geniuses that is Fiona. Although at the time I had known nothing of 'love' but I had already begun my love affair with piano driven music [thanks to my up-bringing with classical music and piano rock legend - Elton john] also her lyrics just seemed to speak to me more than the other female pop singers of the time like Robyn or Britney.

It wasn't until years later in high school that I discovered her album hidden in a collection of 100s of cd's in my cousin's husband's collection and I started listening to 'Tidal' religiously. At this point I had a bit of experience with a lot of the topics that Fiona sings about in her first album. 'Shadowboxer' really hit me close to home, and 'Sullen Girl' is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard [which is said to allude to her being raped at the age of 12].

I would find myself turning this song [Shadowboxer] up on full-blast and singing my little angsty heart out, while being consistently impressed with her choice of words and how she got her message across. I aspired to write such powerful prose.

'When the Pawn' [her second album] had already come out when I had become obsessed with everything Fiona. It also was a bonus that it was produced by Jon Brion [who did the score to my favorite film of all time 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind']. 'Fast as you Can' was my favorite song off the album, but the video for 'Paper Bag' directed by her then boyfriend 'Paul Thomas Anderson' was the best for the album. I really liked how happy she seemed, her beautiful dress and the choreography with the boys in their dapper outfits.

There was quite a long lull between that album and when 'Extradordinary Machine' came out. So when it came out I was incredibly anxious that this was going to be my chance to see her on tour.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Mr. Zach Galifanakis in her music video for 'Not About Love' [thankfully before 'Hangover' fame] as I had just learned about him and this video made me crack up, and I always love the music video's where she is laughing/smiling. Also it is interesting to me that they 'supposedly' dated. But the album didn't speak to me in the same way that the prior two did. 'Extraordinary Machine' would have been my favorite track on the album.

Her latest album is slated to come out this spring according to her label, and here I am again waiting in feverish anticipation for a tour and new musical fodder for those days when you just need to listen to someone sing all of the words that your heart is feeling but can't say them as eloquently.

Her music aside, I always felt like Fiona is the type of person to give it to you straight, and not bullshit you. She is extremely passionate about what she believes in and her style has always been spot-on. Everyone probably remembers her famous speech which just solidified to me at a young age to just do what felt right to me whatever it may be. 

Here's to you Fiona, keep on making music that really speaks to the soul of people's emotions.

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