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For this week's 'On the Zine Scene' I share some zines from etsy that I NEED in my collection!

Nonfiction stories and letters. 28 pages, half-sized, black and white photocopied. Text-heavy.

Table of Contents:

Dear Oregon
I Have a Song for You 
Dear Winter
Ship Celibacy
Spring, When It All Tries to Come Up
Dear Eli
I Never Liked Polyester
Dear Dad
It Was Usually the Kitchen
How Plastic is Made
This is About Home

this is a comic book zine.
written by harley pageot and drawn by me, andrea manica
first printed august 2010

This is my first actual fanzine. It's 1/8th size, 16 pages on ivory paper, with a typewritten chronicle of my experience seeing Leonard Cohen perform in November 2009 interspersed with handwritten lyric excerpts.

This is a delightful and cute coloring book that imagines Justin Bieber as a pal to every eight year old. It's sweet, not snarky, and contains no bad words or suggestive images. Suitable for kids, adults, and fans of well-made chapbooks. 8" x 7 1/2" with a heavy card stock cover. 11 illustrations (including cover). Stapled binding.

"You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I"m not the only one."

Sixteen pages of dreamy goodness, with contributions from Natty and Nimbus. This issue is packed with collages, articles, quotes and affirmations that I’m sure you will very much enjoy. You need to get this issue! TRU talks about dreams and imagination, two of my favorite topics and activities.

A limited edition, hand-made, cut-and pasted pop-up, fold-out art zine about what makes people tick. 

I posed an open-ended call for entries announcing, "I'm trying to figure you out." Friends and acquaintances emailed their funny, smart, sweet responses, which I carefully narrowed down, finally choosing my seven favorites to illustrate for the book.

The original hand-painted version is leaving for a tour with the Sketchbook Project (www.arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookproject).

I'm offering a limited-edition set of thirty little books, hand-cut, assembled and bound from digital prints of the original. 

The book is ten pages total (including the cover). Eight of the pages have fold-out elements. The full color, full bleed, high-quality prints are made on my archival-quality inkjet printer. The assembled 5.25" x 8.25" books are bound with a simple string at the spine. Each is numbered on the inside back cover.

A mini-comic of semi-autobiographical stories including: community gardening, a nude-beach trip, Philip Johnson, the summer Olympics. 

17 pages, 5.5 x 7", black-and-white art, gocco-printed cover

Review by Rob Clough at The Comics Journal:
"'Hot Town' centered around a summer spent in New York City, and the casual, loose style of the art aptly reflected summer’s lazy days. (Robyn Jordan) manages to pack a lot of information onto a single page while forcing the reader to slow down and luxuriate in the small joys of summer in the city. By the end of the comic, the reader feels Jordan’s regret for the season being over."

nostalgia has long been claimed as my favorite wasting disease; it's been a catalyst for many of the zines i tend to write. "wild tigers i used to know" is just another one of those zines, a one-shot of yet more stories about people from my past - and not rose-colored warm-fuzzy feel-good stories, either. the three tales in this zine are all gritty and tangled and difficult, so there's a trigger warning for mentions of things like suicidal ideation, drug & alcohol use/abuse, and breakdowns of both the mental and relationship sort. two of the three stories I've been carrying around for eight years or more, and it's well past time to let them go.

an excerpt: "i barricaded myself in your bathroom to take a series of self-portraits on my cell phone camera. [...] i’m wearing that ridiculous black leather jacket, and i look glassy-eyed and tired and miserable and washed out against the backdrop of seafoam-green tile walls of your bathroom. you’re in some of them, too, smiling and laughing, but only because you’re already high as a fucking kite. i only seem to remember you smiling when you were under the influence of some substance or other."

"wild tigers ..." is 20 quarter letter pages full of text with a white vellum cover and pink ribbon binding.


This month we take you on a trip to haunted and historical places in Bucks County, Pennsylvania including: the Logan Inn, Van Sant Covered Bridge, Washington's Crossing, Bowman's Tower and the 9/11 Memorial.

This is a black and white zine, containing 14 pages with black and white photos. It has stories about each location and directions for you to take your own road trip!

We have a brand new PDF version in full color that we deliver right to your email inbox, that's available in our shop!

About Outta the Way!

Outta the Way is your guide to places that are - well - out of the way and not your normal tourist traps. Here we focus more on showing you the places you may not have known about.

Some may be of historical note, some a little weird or odd, a few macabre, but all are unique. Most importantly they're inexpensive and will keep a smile on your face and your brain on the edge. We feel if you go into these adventures with an open mind, you'll find as much enjoyment in these trips as we have.


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