My week in Video.

This was the longest week that I can remember. It started with the ending of my birthday hang-outs with Bryant and Anastasia in Williamsburg before they left on their flights. Watched the trailers for 'THE FAMILY JAMS' [a documentary that has footage from Joanna Newsome's tour back in 04] and 'Crazy,Stupid,Love' [which I must see to drool over Ryan Gosling]. I won my first blog contest over @ Leaves & Twigs! Watched this video for the 'Fight for your Right' trailer for the upcoming Beastie Boys album, it is hilarious. Got some old copies of my zines back from overseas and put them up for sale in my shop. Had way too much pizza this week, but also cooked Vegan Lasagna soup for everyone on Monday while we played cranium, veganized this Warm Strawberry Bacon Orzo Salad, and made my first ever fake meatballs for spaghetti! Had major zine-trades with most of the people from my last 'On the Zine Scene' post, and from 'Hello Amber's' latest zine reviews. Also did a bit of a blog re-design over here @ that is still in the works, but let me know what you think!


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