Make Music Monday

This weeks Make Music Monday is a dedication to old school girl bands.

The Shangri-Las

The Ronettes

The Dixie Cups

The Chantels

The Crystals

The Supremes

The Chiffons

and solo acts like Lesley Gore who had that 'Girl Group sound' [that heavenly harmony-heavy sound that I love so much with this type of music]. This is the type of music that always puts me in the mood to run around my house/room with hair brush in hand and sing my little girlish heart out.

The girl-group songs always tend to end up in the best parts of movies, or even as the title song like in the old George Clooney and Michelle Pfieffer movie 'One Fine Day' . You can put on a mix with their tunes in them and start a dance-party with friends where most everyone knows the song and most of the lyrics. 

I am always hoping for a revival of these type bands, and have only found 'The Pipettes' to satisfy modern girl-band sounds. [if you know any current bands with this type of sound I will be your bff forever if you send them my way!] 

I will end with this Lesley Gore song, 'You don't own me'. One of my favorite songs of all time. I remember the first time I heard it was while watching 'The First Wives Club' with my mom a million years ago, it was so empowering and I love how intense she is when she is singing it, gives me chills!


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