On the Zine Scene!

This weeks 'On the Zine Scene' feature is with Queeny.

We found each other from Tumblr and did a zine trade with her very first zine. I thought it would be a great idea to get an interview from someone who was just starting making zines to see a different perspective than the usual ladies I get to interview. Below is the interview.

1. Name, Location.
Queeny, Herwise, USA

2. What are you listening to at this moment?
Currently at this moment in time, the dishwasher making it’s ever so relaxing sound. The thoughts in my head swarming all over me.

3. What are some of your favorite zines?
Actually I’m quite a newbie to the whole zine scene but I adore Far From Oklahoma, Twenty By Alexis M., List Zines (I’m trying to get a hold of all of them), Little Mary Sue Want to Change the World, Lotita, Insomnia: A warrior’s guide, How Do You Take It, and You’ve Got A Friend In Pennsylvania…just to name a few.

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I am all over the place. I like people. I like energy. I want to help them the best way I know how. I think it is my destiny. I want to help improve lifestyles. I am devoted. Hard worker. Occupational therapist?
I am an artist. Create, create, create…me. I get great joy when I’m creating. It fulfills me. Energy OVERLOAD. All around the world there exist good and bad. There is hope. There is truth. I need to bring them to life, I want to bring them to life.

5. Any practical tips for people who are interested in making zines?
Be passionate. Don’t write about something half-heartily. It’s about you, it is your time to shine…create.

6. Do you read any magazines? If so which?
Actually, yes. Teen Vogue is currently my only subscription. I really love Indie and art&crafts magazine though, I can stay in book stores for hours and browse; those magazines inspire me.

7. What is the neatest thing that has happened to you from making zines?
The people. I have met some of the most talented people, I believe. It keeps me working harder to achieve more and meet a lot more zinesters. Cliché as it may seem, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned about my weaknesses, about my creative process, and about life.

8. Have you ever been interested in publishing something sold at mainstream chains?
Yes. One of my dreams when younger was to create my own mainstream magazine about Do It Yourself crafts and life in general, maybe someday. I hope that my Her zine will be read by various persons all around the world. I’m working on this to be a dream come true but not necessarily mainstream.

9. Favorite format to make zines, hand-written / type-writer or / computer-typed?
I really enjoy zine making hand-written, though I feel that I am somewhat limited to only a couple varying styles. Usually I try to incorporate some computer typed or cut-outs from various magazines.

10. Give some random advice to my readers about anything.
Do not let anybody stop you from achieving your dreams and what you would like in life. Follow your heart; always and forever. Stay true to yourself. Take time out of your life to breathe, enjoy the sunsets , an love regardless. Don’t let time get the best of you, allow yourself to get the best of time. Learn from your mistakes and MOVE ON. Don’t let it engulf you. & yes, Nutella on pancakes in the morning is a sure way to a good day.

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Her #1

Perzine. How to plan a picnic. Letters. Thoughts. Afros.

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Composed of a letter, crossword puzzle, advices, and goodies.

[I think my favorite thing about this zine was how she bound it, you can't tell from the above picture but for someone who has just gotten into the zine scene I was very impressed, my first zine was just pieces of paper folded and tied with pink floss. Plus I am a whore for good packaging.]

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Chin Up, Buttercup: Dream Big

A mini-zine. Inspirational.

[A great mini zine that I could see as a great little present you slip inside someones purse to find later]

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If you are interested in getting any of the above zines or for trades you can email Queeny at HappypeacejadoreAT@gmailDOTcom

You can also check her out on her WeMakeZines profile .

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Thanks to Queeny for letting me interview you for 'On the Zine Scene', good luck with all of your zine adventures!

Check out other interviews here. And if you are interested in being interviewed for this feature please feel free to email me at jemnifur@gmail.com I love to support my fellow zinesters!


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