Etsy Favorites!

[So simple and so perfect, this might blend in with my shade currently, but would look lovely on a blonde or black haired lass]

[These illustrations are perfect, and on a moleskine makes it exponentially more useful!]

[Tea Flavored Lolli's! How delicious! Unusual flavored things are one of my favorite finds on etsy always]

[It is official [despite the snow that fell last night] spring is here, Sangria lip balm a dream come true!]

[This is how I say I love you and REALLY mean it1]


[I kind of have an obsession with really long unusual earrings like this, they are hard to come by though]

[I would buy a handful of her illustrations to place in my future loft]

[I have started to get in the mindset of collecting things for when I go back to school since I have to start all over again with building my perfect kitchen stockpile, I could see filling this with copious amounts of tea while studying or writing a paper]

[Capelets for the win!]


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