On The Zine Scene!

For this week's 'On the Zine Scene' feature, I will show some zines that I am looking forward to adding to my zine collection and thought I would share some with you.

This little zine is largely writings by a grandma, which means I'm pretty instantly into it. Especially when the grandma is as awesome as TheseHere Sarah May's grandma.
From family to dances to the war (and the anti-war poetry it inspired in her), this is a great read.

this zine on yarnbombing includes not 1 but 2 how-tos, because i honestly believe that anyone can crochet and tag. a fun 22 page photocopied zine of drawings, collages, and the ilhu tagging story.

Do you remember your first kiss? What about all of your first kisses? I did a mental exercise in which I recounted all of the first kisses I could remember, starting with the most recent one and working my way back.

Letterpress printed from hand-set type, through and through. The cover is yellow cardstock, and the little cherubim in the clock image altered time, setting it back a year, which I then had to correct with a colored pencil.

4.25x5.5" folded. 8 pages. Numbered edition of 291.

Some girls keep secrets and others kiss and tell. This zine is all about spilling the kissing beans.

Sarah May shares the stories of kissing 69 people and all that goes along with first kisses, drunken make-outs and finding sexual confidence.

24pp, quarter size

"Heart" is a small comic designed and illustrated by me, Olivia Arrow, with a story written by Toe Knee of studiokneetoe[dot]com for his 100 Shot Zine Project (Heart is #30). It is a love story, of course! Size: 2.75"X4.25" Length: 14 pages. Printed on a mix of red, white and pink paper.


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