Etsy Favorites!

A hilarious coffee table book of commentary on every outfit worn during the first season of The Golden Girls. Jokes about Star Wars, Star Trek, goth music, Scrabble, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, and muchmuch more, ensue. Brought to you by the folks from the Degrassi Digest zine. 168 pages of fun!

[While living in Minneapolis I was subjected to room-mates who loved to watch 'The Golden Girls' which always was strange to me, that someone would voluntarily want to watch the Golden Girls. I just thought this was a great idea for a zine]

[I immediately thought of my bff when I saw these cute notebooks for 'le Petit Prince'. You get 6 different ones in this listing as well which is an even better deal]

[After reading a post on how San takes care of her hair I found that she uses a scented baby powder between washes to keep it from getting oily and to help it smell fresh. I had heard about using baby powder for this reason, but I don't particularly like the smell, when I learned you could get scented ones I went on a search and found the above delicious smelling option!]

[I love this particular etsy seller a lot, she is a brooklyn lady who has amazing style and can pretty much anything beautiful. I personally love tuxedo looking ensembles, it is simple and classic and always stands out.]

Leather envelopes cut from 2mm leather and embossed with various homework inspired graphics. All those things we had to remember at school; prime numbers, colours, photosynthesis, pi, the alphabet & more! A silver stud keeps your bits safe and happy. There are 3 colours to choose from; yellow, whiskey or dark brown. 7.75x4" with plenty of room for scissors, pencils and the like. Embossed with the message 'Do your homework' on reverse flap. Made and hand finished in London.

[I think one of my favorite things about this item and the listing is that she lists one of the color choices as 'whiskey' I love it when people use names of things that are not colors but are known for their hue to label something else's color. I am a slut for school-supplies in general so this made me happy at the thought of going back to school.]

Reign supreme with our new card, a crown that you can wear! The ideal accompaniment for mothers day, fathers day, birthdays, any days! Each card is foiled with the message 'King for the Day' or 'Queen for the Day'. Delivered in a matching envelope. Choose king or queen.

[A far cry from the 'Burger King' paper crowns I grew up with in Florida. These paper crowns are fit for the Crème de la Crème of pretend kings and queens of the day every where!]

When I spotted these I instantly thought 'Wedding blogs'! I could picture this at an outdoor wedding. But for me I would put it on my porch overlooking my lush vegetable garden of my future. I would sit outside in the late summer sipping my home-made orangeade and watch the fire-flies dart by as the sun-sets....ooh perfect dream life-come to me!]

[It is very rare that I find a photographer who sells prints on etsy that fit my aesthetic. I have a very narrow field of photography that I would actually pay good money for to have on my walls. Jenni from Finland gets me! I love this print too much]

[Geometric wearable art is always a plus in my book. I like simple designs that make a big statement.]


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