My Week in Video.

Musicially this week was all about The Beatles and my new find Jamie Cullum [after listening to his cover of the Beach Boys' 'God Only Knows'] I had his last album on repeat. My favorite song off the album is 'I think I love', his voice is so silky smooth and delicious to listen to. Made a craigslist ad with my friend Troy about a song I have always thought was unfair. Watched 'Door in the Floor' with a super cute baby Elle Fanning, who acts the same as she did in 'Somewhere'. Finally got my hands on the Shatter nailpolish out of pure luck. Loved the new Die Antwoord music video for 'Rich Bitch' and Girl Crisis' cover of Tell it to my heart. Went out in style for a days worth of drinking in Williamsburg, where I ended the night with a Miley Cyrus sing-a-long at a house party.

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What did you guys get into this week?


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