Make Music Monday

This weeks song is from April '07. I had been playing ukulele for almost half a year now, and I had bought myself a legit real ukulele instead of using the children's one I was teaching myself on. I was still experimenting with sounds, and spending time with filters in garageband. This song came out of me after probably running on empty from working close to 40hours as a deli-clerk and then going to college which was a good 30 minute highway drive away from my house, and also spending most every weekend up in Jacksonville [another hour drive away]. It was definitely one of the most productive and best times of my life, looking back now [I LOE being in school] but sleep was not something I got a lot of during this time.

This week's playlist is all songs that I would play to help me relax or chill out. When I was younger I had all of these sleep problems and these specific things I HAD to do or else I would be restless in bed all night. I no longer have sleep issues, but when I did one of my rituals was to put on the instrumental cd from the 'Titanic' soundtrack, I would listen to that or one of my classical albums until I passed out or the cd finished.

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