My Week in Video.

This week was entirely about music. All I did was listen to music, download music, play music, I even fell asleep with my earbuds in while radiohead lulled me to sleep. First things first - The Strokes new album provoked a massive download of all of their albums, I realized I only ever really heard their first two. Upon listening I had mixed reviews of their latest album but 'Gratisfaction' would have to be my favorite off of their Angles album. Then I moved onto Britney Spears' latest album, [I need to get my dance-pop fix every couple of weeks] to which I had only heard the single 'Hold it Against Me' but found myself considering a few songs would be great for a 'pump-up' mix for pre-gaming. [this also provoked a downloading of circus album as well]. LMFAO and Jamie Foxx were next, rounding out the albums with top 40's dance music for my next mix. I finished the week off with 'Frank Ocean' who's hotel california sampled song was unexpected and I found myself getting into his nostalgic/ultra album. Finished my latest zine 'Pussy Calculator' and found out that I am completely sold out of every single zine except Lolita Issue 4 [ the raw issue] which is kind of sad because I have no money to make a re-print of any of them after making 50 copies of this latest zine [why does copying have to cost so much!]. It was rainy and cold and stupid most of the week and I only went out once to hang out in bushwick and play ukulele and drink wine with friends. The weekend was also slow, I wanted to go out but couldn't find anything to do, I went to dinner with ben and brit brit to a mexican restaurant where we shared two pitchers of very strong sangria and then I passed out around 1am. I picked up 4 pairs of extra long over the knee socks from urban outfitters for about $5 thanks to a great deal I found. Started making headway towards developing my new style and ratcheting back from my previous wear. Watched 'Food Matters' and a few National Geographic specials on solitary confinement and stress in the animal kingdom. Kind of obsessed with the need to see 'Friends with Benefits' after the latest trailer came out. Got asked to play at a show in Gowanus after an art show at the end of April. Loved on this short film featuring Ninja and Yo-Landi from Die Antwoord - Wheelchair Gang! Also this video of 'The Emerson' the best bar in Clinton Hill, makes me miss be able to just take a 5 minute walk there whenever I wanted. Currently watching the Sony Bloggie Touch on ebay after I got a recommendation for it instead of the Canon's that I have been watching and waiting to find on Ebay for $30 or under, so far it looks like I may be able to win one for $30 or under, which would mean more impromptu pictures and videos again instead of lugging around the huge dslr that has been on loan to me.


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