2011 Style Revamp.

Ever since moving to New York I've found that the style that I have been developing for the past 2 years in Minneapolis absolutely doesn't work for me here in New York. I haven't felt like I have been able to wear 75% of my clothing. Be it because the occasion, or the fact that New York Terrain is brutal here, a lot of the clothes I have had for years just don't work here. Even at punk clubs in Minneapolis I felt less like a freak wearing some of the more extravagant outfits that I have been known to wear.

I had been trying to figure out how to remedy my style situation here in New York. The seasons here are harsh and if the upcoming summer season is anything like the one I went through last year I am not going to get much use of the wardrobe I currently posses.

This was a factor, and also my plans to enter school in the Fall semester have made me recently look towards changing my style. I want to be able to focus on my studies and be able to keep a style that is much more simple and streamlined and also feel less targeted by questionable eyeballs.

I have dealt with looks and remarks from people for the way that I dress for many years, and I have been able to just dismiss it and continue doing what I want, but I feel like being in New York and dealing with all of the issues that I have had since I moved here I just wanted to try and make things as easy as possible on myself.

Going for a new style aesthetic was the answer to one of these issues.

2011 Style

One of the main things of life here in New York is walking everywhere. I also will be biking as well, so I need flats, shoes with good inserts and with soles that can make it all day around town and into the night.  I already have a collection of heels to get me to where I want to go, but I only have one pair of flats that I wear with everything which won't cut it for multiple outfit uses. 

Bottoms 2011

It gets hot hot hot here in New York. My collection of bottoms mostly are high-waisted skirts, which are no good for riding bikes. Rompers and shorts that can be worn with tights underneath are the best option for me. Mix in a few pairs of white and or striped jeans for the cooler days in spring, and I can wear my flow-y skirts with biking shorts underneath for picnics and bike rides into Manhattan.


This is probably the biggest change for me, and where I feel like I will be feeling the biggest difference in my wardrobe flux. I am not a big t-shirt kind of girl, the last time I bought regular t-shirts was in high school. I would always opt for a dress or skirt before buying t-shirts or something fancier than just a plain-T. I used to make my own band t-shirts from stencils, and would like to get back into that. I am hoping to keep this area simple and invest in hoodies and plain V-neck shirts and such to help me keep it simple during the week.

Accessories are necessary for whatever your style is. I know people who just constantly wear their accessories, to shower, to sleep and all of the times in between. I have added things into this new style for when I don't want to do my make-up [lots of sunglasses and fake glasses] or if my hair is a mess and I don't want to spend time doing it [hats], tights and tall socks for when I don't want to shave my legs.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was inspired by a lot of different looks that I have seen online and in person here in New York, here are some of my influences in my new style change.

I am looking to go towards a more relaxed look, but made with the bold colors that I have grown to love over the years. I will continue to grow my hair out, but instead of the complicated hair-do's with lots of curler sets and hours spent with curling iron in hair I will trade it for pin-straight tresses or low pig-tails, twists held in by claws and braids ala chloe in big love.

Things I promise to continue not doing: No Sandals, no open toe shoes unless with pretty colorful socks. No Camo, no wearing shirts with slogans on them. no visors. no fanny packs. no uggs or crocs. no over-sized Looney Toon shirts. Nothing from Ed Hardy. No top of head hair bun things.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I still plan on keeping a collection of my absolute favorite pieces, but I will be trading in a lot of my current wardrobe in exchange for pieces that will fit my new aesthetic. I will try my best to take pictures of my new transformation as I have gotten out of the habit of doing outfit photographs, so you can see the change.

Here is to new changes!


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