Make Music Monday

For this Make Music Monday I thought I would celebrate by posting about a pop-star we all know but whom I became quite enamored with in 2009 and 2010. Originally I didn't know anything about her and thought she was just a hip-hop sexy girl thing, a rip-off christina aguilera or something. It wasn't until I heard her song Papparazzi and the accompanying video that I became obsessed.

Her style was spot on, I loved how she was constantly transforming and not afraid to try anything when it came to fashion. Her songs fullfilled the pop-dance cravings that I am apt to binging on thanks to my spice girls upbringing and she wasn't afraid to speak her mind and be loud and proud about a lot of subjects that most people don't stand up for.

I would listen to her album over and over again before heading out to clubs, and infected the house I was living in with my gaga-fever. Gaga Fever was getting pretty big about this time, and I also had blonde short hair so I took advantage of dressing up like her for Minneapolis' annual Zombie Pub Crawl, which was a night to remember for sure. I would constantly get called out for 'looking' like Lady Gaga simply because I had short blonde hair and most times I didn't mind. [I mean everyone likes to be known for their own style, but being compared to Gaga wasn't an insult to me]

For a birthday present I was gifted with most amazing gift of going to see Gaga Live in chicago in 2010, and I must say that the show was absolutely 'off the chain'. I haven't had that great of a time at a show since seeing the Spice Girls back in the 90's in a stadium in Orlando, FL. If her ticket prices didn't sky-rocket so much I would go see her at every chance I could here in New York.

I think the thing I liked the most about Lady Gaga was that she promoted people to wave their freak flag, to dress different, and not judge people.

So this Make Music Monday is dedicated to you Lady Gaga! Happy 25th Birthday!

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