My Week in Video.

This week I joined a few music blogs and was introduced to : Timber Timbre [which would be a great tour combined with 'Dead Man's Bones' they have the same kind of feel], Tennis [perfect for the spring weather we have been having, I could see them covering the classic 'Teenager in Love' song], the Born Ruffians latest album [I really enjoyed their first album his voice is unique in a way that I like and they are fun in the same vein as 'Vampire Weekend'], but the best find was from this band I listened to in high school The Juliana Theory [I hadn't heard the album since 03 when I used to listen to WAY too much.] All in all it was a good week for new music finds! I used my first ever groupon to buy a nail polish I had been coveting from . Started a new zine called 'Pussy Calculator' that will be printed and put up on etsy next week. Had the most epic St. Patty's Day ever with 'Little Mermaid' Sing-a-long @ The Bellhouse. Had my bangs trimmed for free, colored my hair for spring, and got my eyebrows waxed for the first time in YEARS.


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