Make Music Monday

This week's Make Music Monday is about one of my favorite bands. I first heard them back in 2007 when my friend started posting their music on myspace. I would listen to them non-stop in my bedroom and became a bit obsessed with their sound. Around that time they posted the above video. The band was originally called "Sex" and went through a couple of name-changes before they landed on the name "Claw Likes Things". I became room-mates with the band around this time and was excited to see them perform and hear their live practices throughout the house. Soon after moving in they started playing shows out and I got to hear the above song again 2 years later but live and with a bass addition.

It was interesting to see them evolve and to hear about all the inner workings of what it was like to record at a studio and all that went into being a band, playing gigs and selling merch.

Although the band has now disbanded I still have all three of their albums to listen to whenever I want to recall upon old memories and jam out!

The playlist for this week are all songs that remind me of "Claw Like Things". Their signature cover song was always 'Psycho Killer' a song that I had never heard before [yes I got schooled on 'The Talking Heads' a LOT after that] but I fell in love with their version and now like it better than the original.

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