On the Zine Scene!

For this week's 'On the Zine Scene' feature, I will show some zines that I am looking forward to adding to my zine collection and thought I would share some with you.

Issue Two is a quarter page zine where I discuss my love of zines. Why they’re important to me, why I create them, how they helped me find feminism, learn to cope with my anxiety better, and how they've even saved my life.

A two-year long, 60 page, research zine into the artist currently known as Prince. The Symbol, the Jehovah's Witnesses, sexuality, the PMRC, his protégés, his films, his relationship with the industry, his early life, The Revolution, the New Power Generation, Wendy & Lisa, a bunch of fun facts and write-ups of 50+ Prince-related albums can all be found within. A mix of analytical and fun, with lovely illustrations by Rachel Lee-Carman (Show & Tell).

An original handmade 1/8 design zine.

Paleo Diet. Hunter-Gatherer Diet. Caveman Diet. Stone Age Diet. The basics of each are thus: eat what our ancestors ate. This consisted of vegetables, meats, fruits, eggs, nuts and berries. But how does this translate into our current society?

This is the start of my new adventure, being on The Paleo Diet. The Paleo Diet is sort of like....Well, being a vegan, but WITH meat. Yes. I think that adequately describes it! 

This zine will document my weight loss while on The Paleo Diet. In this small introductory zine, I explain the very basics of The Paleo Diet, showcase the Paleo Food Pyramid I will be utilizing, some crude copies of caveman paintings, and current body measurements before starting on my journey.

I hope to publish a zine on a weekly, or at least a bi-weekly basis to showcase my progress and also give more information on The Paleo Diet.

This is issue #65 of my letterpress printed zine Ker-bloom!. It chronicles the zine tour I went on with my friend from Rad Dad zine. We toured from our homes in the SF Bay Area up through the Pacific Northwest all the way up to British Columbia and back.

This zine chronicles the month of June - one month after I moved from Portland, Oregon, to live in Richmond, Virginia. I wrote and drew about my garden, a deer dream I had, rains and black-outs, having to be frugal, and the message that a glass hummingbird gave to me. This issue is more text-heavy than the first, but still plenty of drawings to delight the eye. This would make a good gift for someone who has just moved to another city, as well as for anyone who feels they are still "finding their way."

A Pocket Guide to Inner Time and Space gives several exercises and things to contemplate so that you can enrich your physical experience of time and space (as opposed to just experiencing them through external cues like clocks and maps). Learn to use your body as a compass, understand your personal cycles better, feel your heart, connect with the moon, etc. Great for the adventurer--whether dreams are your territory or you enjoy trekking through the waking time wilderness.


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