On The Zine Scene!

For this week's 'On the Zine Scene' feature, I will show some zines that I am looking forward to adding to my zine collection and thought I would share some with you.

Taking Your Camera Into Dreamtime--an illustrated guidebook, describes how to take your camera into dreamtime, so that you can take pictures there! Includes techniques for lucid dreaming. 20 pages. Pocket sized.

I took a 2 week vacation in April 2009 to go on my very first cross country road trip. This issue of my zine is all about that trip -- from California to New York. My little adventures included going to Salt Lake City's zine library, sitting in Yellowstone's Boiling River, camping in the cold, and eating donuts in Wall Drug. What fun!

Each issue comes with an All This is Mine button and one gocco printed postcard. 

Digest size, 36 pages, with lots of text.

This zine is 16 pages, BW and A6 size.

It's a fun poke at the things that you should look out for if you've been wondering if maybe he isn't the one for you.

Limited edition hand bound books with screen printed felt covers.

There were only 5 copies of these books made. 

My books titled 'Ladies First' explore the ideas of gentlemanly behaviours and the ridiculous gender etiquette which people still play up to even today. 

Each with a sticker pack and a screen printed fabric bacon badge.

The pages are digitally printed and pieced together by hand with a delicate felt pocket for your stickers. 

All books feature a different door on the front and while stocks last you may take your pick.

The books are all A5 in size and have 12 pages.

I have a secret, it's not earth shattering gossip or anything like that, it's a little embarrassing. People think I'm strange.

Here goes - I collect shopping lists. Other people's shopping lists. I look in shopping trolleys, the floor around trolleys and at the end of the conveyors at checkout and when I find a list, it makes me happy. I have a drawer full of them and really want to share the eccentric, eclectic, gourmet, fast food wonderful variety of them.

So I've scanned some and made them into a little tiny book of sixteen full colour pages each one with a little glimpse into the life of someone who lives in my part of the world.

Hand stitched by me.

The paper is bright white and smooth.

73mmx103mm (approx)

An awesome description of mycellium, wild identification, safety, medicinal mushrooms, cooking/preservation, mycorestoration, cultivation, ethnomycology, mushroom dyes, mushroom paper, and the sacred.

Awkward Sex is a 26-page collection of essays and art by 20 women (queer and straight) from 6 countries around the world. We hope that, as you read, you feel like 20 of your friends are telling you their awkwardly intimate tales.

The idea behind this project is that many of our friends have been reluctant to share--and claim ownership of--stories of their less-than-perfect sexual experiences; to do so would be to admit that they were not having the porn-perfect, stably monogamous, heterosexual sex that is socially dictated to them. Rather than seeing this ideal as a flaw in the social fabric, many women continue to see it as a personal shortcoming: they are unattractive, clumsy creatures; they should expect physical discomfort or emotional pain; they are frigid or they are whores. In sharing their stories, the women in this zine reject these degrading notions of women’s sexualities and take a decidedly empowered view on what awkward sex teaches us about ourselves and our desires.

Here is a new project I started awhile back, of writing a short story every day, around 800 words, with a very minimal amount of editing. I then take each, format them into little 8 page booklets, and sell them in groups! Sounds fantastic, doesn't it?

Here is the stack of the first 40. Woof. I have to figure out a way, sooner than later, to sell these in a more sensical way. But! That's for another night, for now, here's the first 40! Sorry they're getting a little expensive, they're 5 for $1, which is basically just enough to defray printing costs. Maybe I'll have to make them E-stories....

1 - A Sneeze in the Face
2 - Job Interview
3 - He's a Good Boy
4 - At a Loss
5 - Today Terrific
6 - A Night with Luigi
7 - Spider Bite
8 - Gone Strippin'
9 - Grandparents
10 - Near Halloween
11 - She Thought a Moment of Foxfire
12 - Too Drunk
13 - Tempura Batter
14 - Contentment
15 - Melissa
16 - Patty
17 - Captain Tartanian
18 - Colin and Eva
19 - The Orchard
20 - An Empty Canvas
21 - The Cave (Complete)
22 - Introduction and The Cave 1
23 - The Cave 2 and The Cave 3
24 - 8 Stories, 100 Words Each
25 - Graduate School
26 - A Lollipoppy Indie Song
27 - Constructionist Philosophy Pt. 1
28 - Constructionist Philosophy Pt. 2
29 - LD and ZE are WA Scene 1
30 - Haven Brooke
31 - LD and ZE are WA Scene 2
32 - Old Hag
33 - List of Likes and Dislikes
34 - Denise Gess
35 - Pete's Sexuality
36 - Chamberpot
37 - A Hope for a New Mankind
38 - Sixteen 50 Word Stories
39 - Paradoxical
40 - Sitting with an Alien, Watching Paul Rudd, and Discussing my Girlfriend

These were written between 7/25/10 and 9/2/10. They normally take about half an hour to an hour to write, depending on how motivated I am, and how distracted I get. All the editing that goes into them is a quick read over as I format to make sure I didn't spell TOO many things wrong.

Our special romance issue is here from the editors of Cuke & Sew. The second issue is full of recipes, articles and how-to's on things you make for that special someone in your life. 

Also features travel guides to restaurants in the East Village, Seattle and El Paso.

Every Cuke & Sew magazine is hand bound and stitched. There are only a limited number in circulation, so don't miss out on this opportunity.

This is a small handmade book measuring approx 8x11cm. 

It is a concertina with 6 seperate pages each of which tell a different part of an original story. 

The story is about a girl called Ophelia who longs to fly, and is often found wearing her bird costume. The other kids make fun of her, but she doesn't care for her mother always told her every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Great to give as a gift or to keep for yourself as a reminder of how even the little things can put a smile upon our face.

There are three colours to choose from - 

Sea Blue
Pea Green

Mini-comic about flirting and love, via both text message and real live, face-to-face interactions. 20 pages, half-letter size. Edition of 50.

The cover is printed on handmade paper using letterpress and a woodcut. The "guts" are old-fashioned xerox. The cover comes in 4 different colors. If you'd prefer a certain color, let me know and I'll try to do my best!


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