My Week in Video.

So I started the week off with getting my tooth pulled and having to deal with making sure to not eat anything spikey all week. Did call-backs for the jobs I applied at the week before, and made vegan shamrock shakes multiple times throughout the week. Found out that I won't know if I am getting into Brooklyn College until two months. [kill me now!] Had the most intense webcam-party ever that lasted from 7pm-1am! Had famous Brooklyn Pizza, and went to a birthday party in a huge loft in bushwick complete with burlesque dancer coming out of a cake and impromptu limbo, I also bumped into a friend I hadn't seen in awhile which was awesome, since I hardly know anyone here. Contemplated buying 'One Day' but when the bookstore in cobble hill didn't have it I happened upon 'The sexual criminal' and picked it up instead. [I know it is kind of creepy and intense, but I think it is interesting/also it retails for $42 used on amazon I got it for $7 new!] Became obsessed with the new Kayne West album. Finally found a purse that was big enough and not ugly to satisfy my [over a year] search for the perfect purse at the urban outfitters sale and a hanging thing for my necklaces [also something I have needed for some time now]. Got a bikini wax by a lady named Bella and had talks about going on tour this summer with my other band 'Shit Yeah Girl!'. Re-watched SLC Punk for the first time since 06 and applied at more jobs. Here is to hoping that March will bring me a new job!

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What did you guys get into this week?


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