Make Music Monday

For this week's 'Make Music Monday' I present you with a vintage Jemibook video. This video was from when I had first moved to Minneapolis in 2008. I had created this song in Jacksonville before moving. It was about a couple whom I really thought was super cute together. [also a p.s. another one of my favorite Jacksonville couples just got engaged congrats Sean + Sarah!] I miss that old house we lived in, we only moved out because the landlord got foreclosed on, how shitty is that!

This week's playlist of the week is a compilation of songs that remind me of living in Jacksonville. We would go out dancing at least once a week if not two or three times. There is a lot of indie club nights in Jacksonville, and probably a lot more now. The Dj's there actually took requests and it felt more like you were hanging out and dancing at home with your friends than the club scenes here in New York where it is rare for you to see the same people more than once. Jacksonville is definitely a party city.

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