Book Wish List. [Part One]

Matthew Kenney

[When I went on my major raw obsession a few years ago this was one of the books that I checked out of the library in Jacksonville. I made a ton of things from this book, and I loved how it was full color and full of great pictures of the food. He also talked about his journey into raw foods and where it has taken him. Also he has a delivery service that I have always wanted to try out but can never afford. boo hoo. But I would settle for this book to add to my cookbook arsenal any day!]


[I flipped through this book when it came out a few years ago when I used to go to Borders on my breaks while working @ Macy's. I liked how simple some of the recipes were, because sometimes I just don't want to make anything that involved. Also the recipes were cheap which I am always about, especially because cutting back on the food budget is always difficult for me. This would be a great addition to my book collection especially since I actually am planning on going back to college this fall!]

Michael Newton

[I found this book after spending a few hours on wiki and a few other websites reading about feral children, I was hungry for more information on these odd and interesting stories. Some speculated to be made up, some having been documented. But most cases extremely rare and dating way-way back. I had never heard of feral children, the closest I got to savage children was the Tarzan or Jungle Book stories I read while growing up. I still would love to learn more, it's absolutely fascinating to me that humans can be raised by wild animals.]

John Bartlett (Author), Justin Kaplan (Editor)

[I love quotes, not so much for reciting them, but writing them into things, leaving them for people, friends, strangers. I like how a quote can change your perspective on something, or open you up to a new way of thinking. How they can be so simple and so prolific. Admittedly I only know of this specific quote book because of the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, when Kirstin Dunst recites a quote and says that she got it from her "Bartlett's". One day I will have this in my collection, for now I just rely on the internet for my quote arsenal.]

David Nicholls

[I don't know if I saw that this was being made into a movie with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess [major crush] or if someone had recommended this book to me online somewhere. But it is in the same vein as 'The Time Traveler's Wife' a book which I have yet to read, but I was crying nearly the whole way through the film adaptation of it. I really like books that follow people throughout their life, and especially love stories. I don't read much fiction but this book struck a chord with me for one reason or another and I would like to get lost in it.]

Do you have any of these books? Or have any books that you think I would like? I am always interested in doing trades of all sorts, contact me @ for trading fun! Check out more of my wishlist here!


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