Etsy Favorites!

[Still on the search for a mini notebook to write down lists and stuff, this cute one is perfect though]

[I saw this on another blog recently and was immediately in love. I love how it's delicate and morbid at the same time]

[If I had $124 to use without feeling bad about spending it on only one thing, I would spend all of those 124 dollars on this bathing suit and forever be in bathing suit heaven!]

[This just made me laugh, what if Abe Lincoln actually was built?]

[I wouldn't use this for notes, but to make little cute fake banners on notes and the fridge]

[These are so cute and delicious, and the perfect thing to embellish letters to my penpals!]

[I have been buying my face soap online now for one maybe two years now from this seller online who's complexion soaps I loved, but lately my skin has been dry so I decided to switch it up, I just purchased this one a few days ago, can't wait for it to come and make my face beautiful!]

[I often call my old city of residence minn-apple, so this made me happy]

[This struck me when I saw it, I thought it was so pretty and would be a great piece on a wall, I personally like the white on white but she also has it in colors as well.]


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